A fast paced twin-joysticks shooter, with multiplayer, leaderboards, and community created levels.

Latest news

pewpewlive @pewpewlive@mastodon.social May 30, 2024

For posterity, a video showing 2 players getting the highest Eskiv score ever.


pewpewlive @pewpewlive@mastodon.social May 1, 2024

The list and details of all the public community levels is now available on the website!

See pewpew.live/levels and pewpew.live/l/BJ2KMIkQBKCdzI0x

pewpewlive @pewpewlive@mastodon.social Apr 22, 2024

v0.8.180 is out on Steam!


pewpewlive @pewpewlive@mastodon.social Apr 17, 2024

Rollout of v0.8.180 is completed on Android.

pewpewlive @pewpewlive@mastodon.social Apr 15, 2024

Started to roll out PewPew Live 0.8.180 to 20% of the players.
The biggest change concerns how post-processing is applied, but there's lots of quality of life improvements and bug fixes too.

See full list of improvements: